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Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Haemorrhoids: It is a circulation problem

Treatment: P 3 rent, K 3 rent, P 8, H5, K 5 tone LU 5 and K 7 sedate (SP spiral o/f) H 8 ton – (PC spiral opposite / flow)

Kashik Mishra: hemorroid wala kaj kelak?

Shruti Mishra: yes lot of relief

 Kashi Mishra: good to hear this was a new protocol on biji meridians!

Kashik Mishra: haemorrhoids' points I need to explain e.g. treatment in three steps

1. Identify system

2. Reach the location

3. Treat the energy

P3 rent K3 rent then Spleen Opposite flow (for venous flow) spiral meridian heat, hot ton i.e. ton P8, H5 and sedate coldness dryness LU5, K7 againas control tone heat of opposite flow P spiral meridian i.e. H8 I think I am clear.

Thank you for taking interest in this science


Proteinuria +++

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Goutham of Hyderabad, 19 year old Patient with a history of Nephrotic Syndrome (at the age of 13)


Protein was getting out with urine of this kid (19) + whole body swelling 

In about 45 days With the help of acupressure treatment. 50% improvement has given a lots of hope!

Treatment: Kidney Biji spiral meridian heat tone cold sedate e.g. tone Liv2 sedate LU5 as control tone heat of PC spiral meridian e.g. tone SP2 along with this red color on individual kid correspondence in hand and black color on united open kid correspondence - Std and Insect both

The boy had been suffering since 2007!


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Type 2 diabetes:

Accupuncture alone can cure Mishra's Acupressure speaks:

Date              value mg%

Jan 18 ---      216% 

Feb7 ---        239% --Treatment with diet regulation started

Feb23 ---      152% 

March11 --    109%


LU8 and LU7 both tone P5 sedate both sides, K7, K5 both tone SP5 sedate left side (male Pt. water side) Liv2 sedate LU5 tone (botht sides) treated by chakra magnets (you can use needle 45 minutes because yin takes longer to travel). UB17, UB13 sedate both sides . Add K6, UB23, GV4 (water side e.g. left for for male) in order to learn how these points can help when experts say "Acupuncturet doesn't work well" visit my web and ask me to explain! the key is that classical knowledge never considered the possibilities of Qi moving Horizontally and spirally! horizontal meridians are the place where most Yin is available! 

In fact you ought to distinguish between Upper and Lower variety diabetes for better protocol! In the above case it was upper variety diabetes case. This will help more to upper variety diabetes.

For lower variety one has to use Kidney horizontal meridian instead of Lungs horizontal meridian. The method will be same - tone dryness and cold of Kidney. 

Hope I am clear if not feel free to ask questions.



Mishra’s Acupressure Speaks: Sampat Devi Singh (77),Kolkata ( contact Sajjan Sahal, ph: 9748590615)

Complaints: Very painful stand up after sitting for afew minutes, Modern science recommended knee replacement, HBP (medicine)

Diagnosis: joint’s gap reduced to less than permissible limit, bones are trying to mesh together


TW5, GB41, SI3, UB62, K6, LU7 – as per rules; see Extra Ordinary Vessels in my book Generation and distribution of Qi - knee diagnosis. 

1. CV3 rent,

2. K1 rent

3. Liv4 rent

4. K7, LU8 sed, H4, tone LU hoz meridian cold dry sed; heat tone

5. K5 sed - cold of PC hoz - control point

6. SP5 sed, H5 tone LU cold spm meridian cold sed humidity tone

7. H3 sed – cold of PC spm – control point

Relief: in three sittings patient canstand with ease from sitting position and is hopeful of cure

Recommended additional points: K1 sed, Sp5 tone - opposite flow LU spm cold & heatrespectively; Sp1 cold of PC spm sed – control point

The above treatment was also imparted to the followingpatients with similar knee joint complaints:

1.    Muli Devi

2.    Mr Chopal

3.    Sharda Rathi

All of them reported partial relief and were satisfied!

Treatment Method: The points are used on body. It issuggested that Bar magnets or Needles be used for best results. Tonification ofpoints on hand Horizontal Meridians can be done by pushing the energy in thedirection of legs (i. e. backwards) and sedation can be affected by directingthe energy in reverse direction. Similarly points on leg horizontal meridianscan be tonified by directing the energy to hand etc.

Tonification of spiral meridian points can be done bydirecting energy along the flow of energy and sedation by directing the energyin reverse direction.