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The E O Vs and Their Master Points

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on August 28, 2013 at 8:55 AM


Hundreds of variety of energies are required for normal functioning of a human mind and body! Every type of energy for each of us is generated in our own body. The mechanism which is responsible for Generation and Distribution of this huge range of functional Qi to every part of our body is installed in our body while we are in mother’s womb. It normally takes 270 days for this mechanism to be installed and mature so that it survives and functions well throughout ourlives.

The triple Warmer Mechanism consists of the following 10 organs installed in our body:(

The Yin Organs          The Yang Organs

The Liver (Liv)             The Gall Bladder (GB)

The Heart (HT)            The Small Intestine (SI)

The Spleen (Sp)           The Stomach (ST)

The Lungs (LU)            The Large Intestine (LI)

The Kidneys (K)           The Urinary Bladder (UB)


Total energy of body is comprised of (a) energybrought from mother’s womb and (b) energy received from food, air, water, etc.In case any one of them is made unavailable the body becomes non-functional –dies. A child is born with prenatal energy collected in mother’s womb (lifeessence). With the help of this energy, he takes air, water, mother’s milk etc.and makes the functional energy for its own use (and which is available in meridians). The internal organs continuously feed meridians. Meridians are therefore named after organs. This functional energy is continuously circulating in meridians and organs.

Original Qi is transformed version of life essence.Life essence, as it is, is not useful for us. The original Qi that is not utilized immediately by the triple warmer mechanism is classified and divided in 8 categories and stored in the 8 vessels. This is a continuous process. Each of these vessels is connected to both kidneys. Gateways to kidneys are called master points of these vessels. Master point of each vessel is available on both sides (i.e. left and right). As a related issue I should like to put forth the details of such connections (as understood by me) as below:

The Master Points of Extra Ordinary Vessels

Name of vessels       Connected to Right kidney          Connected to Left kidney

DU MO                                    SI3 on left                                          SI3 on right

REN MO                                 -                                                           LU7 on right & left

CHONG MO                           SP4 on right                                       SP4 on left

YANG WEI MO                       TW5 on left                                         TW5 on right

YIN WEI MO                            -                                                           P6 on right and left

DAI MO                                   -                                                           GB41 on right & left

YANG QIAO MO                    UB62 on left & right                             -

YIN QIAO MO                         K6 on right                                           K6 on left


One ought to keep in mind another very important fact:

In males “Left Kidney is WATER and Right Kidney is FIRE”

In females “Right Kidney is WATER and Left Kidney is FIRE”

Life essence is transformed into original Qi by both kidneys separately.This original Qi is a huge range of energies. The range of Qi from right kidney(fire) of a male is comparatively much yang than the range of Qi from left kidney (water). Both ranges meet and add up between the kidneys (at GV4). The mix is called Mingmen or Moving Qi. This Qi from Kidneys (mingmen) is the raw material for generation of all varieties of energies required by our mind and body that is made available to the triple warmer mechanism.

Our energy is prepared in stomach-Spleen and lungs with the help oforiginal Qi from Kidneys and food from the outer world. This Energy then circulates in the internal organs in a definite order: The five Element Sequence!

Each of these organs regularly generates a range of energy out of which it transfers a portion of higher wavelength to its partner.This whole process is known as Triple Warmer Mechanism.


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