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Opposite Flow of Qi in Chinese Meridian

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on September 14, 2013 at 12:20 AM

As discussed above Qi moves in every direction. Thus if in Liv meridian Qi can move from Liv1 to Liv8 in vertically upward movement then in the reverse direction i.e. from Liv8 to Liv1 too some energy movement is possible. In order to sedate the energy at Liv8 (coldness) a needle is inserted in the direction away from the center of body and it sedates coldness in Liv meridian. As per the destructive Ko cycle coldness is sedated by hotness point of the same meridian (Liv meridian in this case). It obviously can be therefore inferred that the energy (Qi) in opposite direction at Liv8 is similar to the energy at Liv5 (hot point). Similarly at Liv4 in opposite direction is same as heat like that at liv2 in normal flow direction etc! We can, therefore, write the energies available at different shu points in vertically opposite flow (direction).

Opposite Yin Horizontal Flow

Opposite Flow Yin Spiral

(Opposite Horizontal & normal Vertical)



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