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Source of Success and Happiness

Health and knowledge are two key             words for success and hapiness

Both can be achieved through Acupressure / Acupuncture: A drugless therapy based on yin-yang theory of China.

The two most important axioms of this philosophy are:

 # Any thing and everything in our world is some form or the other of energy: the Qi (pronounced as chi)

# A mechanism (the internal organs and their physiology) pre - installed in human body when it was in mother's womb, called Triple Warmer mechanism is responsible for generation and distribution of Qi. The whole range of Qi is generated for this body-mind complex by five yin organs (the organs which continuously functions since birth to death) namely The Heart, The Spleen, The Lungs, The kidneys and The Liver. The functional energy is then made available to every part of body through a network of energy pathways (say ducts) called meridians whose one end is connected to one of the 10 internal organs. Five of them are named above the other five are their yang partners namely The Small Intestine, The Stomach, The Large Intestine, The Urinary Bladder and The Gall Bladder respectively. All of us are healthy when every part of our body functions normally. The Chinese traced most of the intricate internal and external pathways of Qi and verified that the network is similar in all human bodies. They named these meridians after the names of the organs whose energy flowed in them. 

In all the Chinese talk of 71 Meridians (carriers of functional Qi) to which Dr R. Voll of Germany added 8 meridians and Shri Kashi Kanta Mishra has added 26 Biji Meridians (clik below to see).

They found two additional meridians namely Pericardium Meridian and Triple Warmer Meridians which carries a mix of energy produced by different organs in excess of what is consumed by us - thus they carry pooled energy of all varieties and thus the Qi in these two is used as controller meridians.

A skilled therapist ought to know all these meridians and their shu points which can be used to tap various kinds of energies as well as clear the pathways.

Yang Lies in Yin 

but the reverse is not true.

We are here to teach and learn the real wisdom of Acupressure / Acupuncture

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