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The Biji Meridians

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on March 23, 2014 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)


This work presents a newconcept for the traditional practitioners and scholars of Acupuncture /Acupressure and the world at large. The work is different in that it tries to study Acupuncture theories as science of energy & force. It deals with Qi as physics deals with energy & force. Materials available in the market seem to be mere study of symptoms and indications of acupuncture points that fail to stand the test of science and universal laws of physics!

People have been studying and talking of five element theory for thousands of years without ever questioning the traditional pathwaysof functional Qi. This Qi is present in every cell / point of our body. It is auniversal fact that energy travels from higher level to lower levels without consideration of direction (vertical / horizontal or otherwise). Thus if welook at functional Qi as energy we can say that Qi travels in every direction, be it Liver Qi or Spleen Qi or some other Qi.

Another fact that all of us have to agree with is that energy travels in different ways from one place to another. We are well versed with transfer of heat; heat travels by:

1.  Conduction

2.  Convection

3.  Radiation

In Indian Yog Shastra it is said that theenergy from Kundalini, the Serpent Power rises in different ways:

1.  Like ants

2.  Like snake

3.  Like frog etc.

In recent times different scholars ofAcupressure / Acupuncture have claimed different orientations of energy travelin our body. Some say it travels spirally – clock wise and / or anti clockwise, some others are happy to say that it travels in a zigzag way. I amobliged to say that all of them are correct! Probably energy can travel in more ways than we can imagine. One of them is ‘Induction’. The electricity inprimary coil induces current in the secondary coil is a well known fact. TheChinese law of first and last point is well known to all of us! Flow ofelectric current is actually flow of electrons which are already present in the secondary coil but needs a stimulation to travel (start moving) we may compareit with yin energy which may not be able to move on its own. Yin is a responsive force – no?


If Qi is likea force required for work then at every point it can be seen as resultant of two components perpendicular to each other. We find it very much in line with the above definition of Qi. Yin goes horizontal and yang goes vertical is the ultimate fact behind ‘Biji Meridians’   

In my last book ‘Generation and Distribution of Qi’ Idiscussed the fact that “the hundreds of varieties of energies required fornormal functioning of our body / mind complex are generated by only five yin organs” means that each evolutionary phase: wood, fire etc, has a large rangeof active energies. This in turn means that each of the five yin organs generates a large range of energies differing in (say) wavelength and frequency. The oneswith larger wavelengths are yang as compared to those with smaller wavelengths.Further we notice that their always is some energy generated which is too yinto move vertically in TCM (Traditional Chinese Meridians). This energy thoughcan move horizontally parallel to earth’s surface and can be used by us (thetherapists) with due stimulation. I have named them Horizontal BijiMeridians!

Once horizontal meridians linked to all the five (andtherefore 10) organs are traced it is easy to trace the pathway of actual functional Qi – the Spiral Meridians. This work is devoted to detailed study and identification of shu points of all Horizontal and Spiral Meridians.

The work establishesOpposite Flow of Qi in all these Meridians – a significantcontribution to the science of Acupuncture. The concept of opposite flowhas its root in the basic principles of physics. According to the well known factof physics “+ve charge flows in the direction just opposite to the flow of –vecharge”. Similarly at a point on any meridian if Heat is flowing upward thencold should be taken to be flowing downwards!

The book hasfor the first time proposed a model of pooled energies and tried to explain whyhotness / coldness energy can be used as controller energy in our treatmentprocess. 

As another first it tries to explain that Luo points of yin meridians can be assigned thestatus of hotness energy and the Luo points of yang meridians can be assigned the status of coldness.

Last pages ofthis book give a few protocols for different chronic and cold conditions/patternsas well as a few case histories which highlights the effectiveness and simplicity of its (Biji concept’s) application. The notion that acupuncture can help only in inflammatory conditions is no more valid. Time has come when wecan say that acupuncture / acupressure can easily cure cold conditions.

In the end I am obliged to express my thanks to Dr Hemant Sharma, Vadodara, Shri R Raju,Shri Shree Hari and Subhash, Hyderabad; Neerav Shukla, Jodhpur; Sajjan Sahal,Kolkata all my dear students for reposing trust in my thoughts and going ahead to using Biji concept. Without their help this work could not have matured.

Last but notthe least I am obliged to express my sincerest gratitude for my wife Purnima who hasbeen all supportive in my success and failure alike.


-     K.K. Mishra


Mar 23, 2014


Opposite Flow of Qi in Chinese Meridian

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on September 14, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

As discussed above Qi moves in every direction. Thus if in Liv meridian Qi can move from Liv1 to Liv8 in vertically upward movement then in the reverse direction i.e. from Liv8 to Liv1 too some energy movement is possible. In order to sedate the energy at Liv8 (coldness) a needle is inserted in the direction away from the center of body and it sedates coldness in Liv meridian. As per the destructive Ko cycle coldness is sedated by hotness point of the same meridian (Liv meridian in this case). It obviously can be therefore inferred that the energy (Qi) in opposite direction at Liv8 is similar to the energy at Liv5 (hot point). Similarly at Liv4 in opposite direction is same as heat like that at liv2 in normal flow direction etc! We can, therefore, write the energies available at different shu points in vertically opposite flow (direction).

Opposite Yin Horizontal Flow

Opposite Flow Yin Spiral

(Opposite Horizontal & normal Vertical)



The E O Vs and Their Master Points

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on August 28, 2013 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Hundreds of variety of energies are required for normal functioning of a human mind and body! Every type of energy for each of us is generated in our own body. The mechanism which is responsible for Generation and Distribution of this huge range of functional Qi to every part of our body is installed in our body while we are in mother’s womb. It normally takes 270 days for this mechanism to be installed and mature so that it survives and functions well throughout ourlives.

The triple Warmer Mechanism consists of the following 10 organs installed in our body:(

The Yin Organs          The Yang Organs

The Liver (Liv)             The Gall Bladder (GB)

The Heart (HT)            The Small Intestine (SI)

The Spleen (Sp)           The Stomach (ST)

The Lungs (LU)            The Large Intestine (LI)

The Kidneys (K)           The Urinary Bladder (UB)


Total energy of body is comprised of (a) energybrought from mother’s womb and (b) energy received from food, air, water, etc.In case any one of them is made unavailable the body becomes non-functional –dies. A child is born with prenatal energy collected in mother’s womb (lifeessence). With the help of this energy, he takes air, water, mother’s milk etc.and makes the functional energy for its own use (and which is available in meridians). The internal organs continuously feed meridians. Meridians are therefore named after organs. This functional energy is continuously circulating in meridians and organs.

Original Qi is transformed version of life essence.Life essence, as it is, is not useful for us. The original Qi that is not utilized immediately by the triple warmer mechanism is classified and divided in 8 categories and stored in the 8 vessels. This is a continuous process. Each of these vessels is connected to both kidneys. Gateways to kidneys are called master points of these vessels. Master point of each vessel is available on both sides (i.e. left and right). As a related issue I should like to put forth the details of such connections (as understood by me) as below:

The Master Points of Extra Ordinary Vessels

Name of vessels       Connected to Right kidney          Connected to Left kidney

DU MO                                    SI3 on left                                          SI3 on right

REN MO                                 -                                                           LU7 on right & left

CHONG MO                           SP4 on right                                       SP4 on left

YANG WEI MO                       TW5 on left                                         TW5 on right

YIN WEI MO                            -                                                           P6 on right and left

DAI MO                                   -                                                           GB41 on right & left

YANG QIAO MO                    UB62 on left & right                             -

YIN QIAO MO                         K6 on right                                           K6 on left


One ought to keep in mind another very important fact:

In males “Left Kidney is WATER and Right Kidney is FIRE”

In females “Right Kidney is WATER and Left Kidney is FIRE”

Life essence is transformed into original Qi by both kidneys separately.This original Qi is a huge range of energies. The range of Qi from right kidney(fire) of a male is comparatively much yang than the range of Qi from left kidney (water). Both ranges meet and add up between the kidneys (at GV4). The mix is called Mingmen or Moving Qi. This Qi from Kidneys (mingmen) is the raw material for generation of all varieties of energies required by our mind and body that is made available to the triple warmer mechanism.

Our energy is prepared in stomach-Spleen and lungs with the help oforiginal Qi from Kidneys and food from the outer world. This Energy then circulates in the internal organs in a definite order: The five Element Sequence!

Each of these organs regularly generates a range of energy out of which it transfers a portion of higher wavelength to its partner.This whole process is known as Triple Warmer Mechanism.


Horizontal Back Pain

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on August 3, 2013 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Low back horizontal pain: This is yang wind. If chronic use yang wind horizontal Biji Meridian e.g. GB horizontal meridian Sedateate SI1 and Tone LI1

Mid back horizontal pain: This is yang heat. If chronic use yang heat horizontal Biji Meridian e.g. SI horizontal meridianMeridian Sedate SI2 and Tone LI2

Upper back horizontal pain: This is yang hotness. If chronic use yang hotness horizontal Biji Meridian e.g. TW horizontal meridian Sedate SI7 and Tone LI6 


Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Haemorrhoids: It is a circulation problem

Treatment: P 3 rent, K 3 rent, P 8, H5, K 5 tone LU 5 and K 7 sedate (SP spiral o/f) H 8 ton – (PC spiral opposite / flow)

Kashik Mishra: hemorroid wala kaj kelak?

Shruti Mishra: yes lot of relief

 Kashi Mishra: good to hear this was a new protocol on biji meridians!

Kashik Mishra: haemorrhoids' points I need to explain e.g. treatment in three steps

1. Identify system

2. Reach the location

3. Treat the energy

P3 rent K3 rent then Spleen Opposite flow (for venous flow) spiral meridian heat, hot ton i.e. ton P8, H5 and sedate coldness dryness LU5, K7 againas control tone heat of opposite flow P spiral meridian i.e. H8 I think I am clear.

Thank you for taking interest in this science



Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

1.Chronic Constipation,very hard stool:

LI spiral – UB66 (coldness of LI) sed ST36 (Humidity of LI) tone and control TW6 (coldness ofTW) sed

In case (only if) it doesn’t work well add heat SI5 tonification 

2. Chronic Constipation Absence of stool on some days, Hard stool

The points used for Constipation are interesting from Biji's point of view SI5 is cold of Large intestine and LI5is heat of Large Intestine (LI Horizontal Meridian) ST36 is Humidity of (LISpiral, the Qi of LI) instead of LI11 which is humidity in Vertical LI meridian I would suggest TW6 the coldness of LI in Horizontal meridian! Horizontal Meridian is treated because chronic condition requires sedation of coldness ofLI!


Here is Biji's recommendation: sedate SI5 and Tone LI5, and ST36Sedate TW6 and TW5. In this case control TW5 coldness of TW Meridian ought tobe sedated for better and faster results



Frozen Shoulder

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)




As control use SI7 sedation for all of them


Type 1 Diabetes

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This is a case of: insufficient insulin secretion by Pancreas

Treatment: BIJI horizontal meridian sedate cold, dry and tone wind and heat + as control sedate cold of Pn hzm. Thus: sedate K3, LU9 and tone H7 and Liv3 + control sed K5 - all on right side.Also treat mother e.g. HT hzm sedate K2, LU10 and tone P8 and Liv2 

METHODOLOGY: For tonification and sedation use needles or bar magnets perpendicular to traditional meridian pathways.


For Tonification: the magnet or needle should be so applied that energy on hands' points be forced towards legs and that on leg points be forced towards hands.

For sedation: the magnets or needles should be so applied that energy on the points of hands is forced away from legs and the energy on leg points is forced away from hands.For all treatments on biji meridians posture of body is taken in such a way that all 4 limbs are touching ground - hands are in front of legs - one may call it "animal at rest posture"

Proteinuria +++

Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on July 7, 2013 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Goutham of Hyderabad, 19 year old Patient with a history of Nephrotic Syndrome (at the age of 13)


Protein was getting out with urine of this kid (19) + whole body swelling 

In about 45 days With the help of acupressure treatment. 50% improvement has given a lots of hope!

Treatment: Kidney Biji spiral meridian heat tone cold sedate e.g. tone Liv2 sedate LU5 as control tone heat of PC spiral meridian e.g. tone SP2 along with this red color on individual kid correspondence in hand and black color on united open kid correspondence - Std and Insect both

The boy had been suffering since 2007!


Posted by Kashi Kanta Mishra on March 31, 2013 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Type 2 diabetes:

Accupuncture alone can cure Mishra's Acupressure speaks:

Date              value mg%

Jan 18 ---      216% 

Feb7 ---        239% --Treatment with diet regulation started

Feb23 ---      152% 

March11 --    109%


LU8 and LU7 both tone P5 sedate both sides, K7, K5 both tone SP5 sedate left side (male Pt. water side) Liv2 sedate LU5 tone (botht sides) treated by chakra magnets (you can use needle 45 minutes because yin takes longer to travel). UB17, UB13 sedate both sides . Add K6, UB23, GV4 (water side e.g. left for for male) in order to learn how these points can help when experts say "Acupuncturet doesn't work well" visit my web and ask me to explain! the key is that classical knowledge never considered the possibilities of Qi moving Horizontally and spirally! horizontal meridians are the place where most Yin is available! 

In fact you ought to distinguish between Upper and Lower variety diabetes for better protocol! In the above case it was upper variety diabetes case. This will help more to upper variety diabetes.

For lower variety one has to use Kidney horizontal meridian instead of Lungs horizontal meridian. The method will be same - tone dryness and cold of Kidney. 

Hope I am clear if not feel free to ask questions.



Mishra’s Acupressure Speaks: Sampat Devi Singh (77),Kolkata ( contact Sajjan Sahal, ph: 9748590615)

Complaints: Very painful stand up after sitting for afew minutes, Modern science recommended knee replacement, HBP (medicine)

Diagnosis: joint’s gap reduced to less than permissible limit, bones are trying to mesh together


TW5, GB41, SI3, UB62, K6, LU7 – as per rules; see Extra Ordinary Vessels in my book Generation and distribution of Qi - knee diagnosis. 

1. CV3 rent,

2. K1 rent

3. Liv4 rent

4. K7, LU8 sed, H4, tone LU hoz meridian cold dry sed; heat tone

5. K5 sed - cold of PC hoz - control point

6. SP5 sed, H5 tone LU cold spm meridian cold sed humidity tone

7. H3 sed – cold of PC spm – control point

Relief: in three sittings patient canstand with ease from sitting position and is hopeful of cure

Recommended additional points: K1 sed, Sp5 tone - opposite flow LU spm cold & heatrespectively; Sp1 cold of PC spm sed – control point

The above treatment was also imparted to the followingpatients with similar knee joint complaints:

1.    Muli Devi

2.    Mr Chopal

3.    Sharda Rathi

All of them reported partial relief and were satisfied!

Treatment Method: The points are used on body. It issuggested that Bar magnets or Needles be used for best results. Tonification ofpoints on hand Horizontal Meridians can be done by pushing the energy in thedirection of legs (i. e. backwards) and sedation can be affected by directingthe energy in reverse direction. Similarly points on leg horizontal meridianscan be tonified by directing the energy to hand etc.

Tonification of spiral meridian points can be done bydirecting energy along the flow of energy and sedation by directing the energyin reverse direction.