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Biji Meridians


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Chinese elements are five different evolutionary phases or stages of a process; they should not be taken as most basic substances out of which world has been created! 

Qi Generating organs are: LIV       HT       SP       LU       KID

The 5 generating organs are like 5 suns in our body, source of constant supply of all varieties of energies required by it, radiating in all directions. Let us now  elaborate more clearly qualification of each element / phase For example, total energy range generated by Liver qualifies as wind i.e. energy required to start a process. In Liv meridian energy at different element points has to be properly understood so it can be used by a skilled therapist

  • Qi at Liv1 WOOD STAGE / ELEMENT of Wood stage / phase has maximum starting (from '0') capacity (without any sense of direction) - Wind of Wind!
  • Qi at Liv2 FIRE STAGE / ELEMENT of Wood stage / phase has energy to sustain the start (in any given direction) but less capable to start from ‘0’ Heat of Wind
  • Qi at Liv3 EERTH STAGE / ELEMENT has energy required to consolidate the start (activity) . Make the subject (raw materials) available for objective (meaning therefore clearing / obstrucing haphazard movement) but even lesser capacity to start from ‘0’
  • Qi at Liv4 METAL STAGE / ELEMENT has energy required to fix the modality (contain span / direction and contain the momentum) of activity but hardly has any energy for fresh start. It therefore restricts fresh Start / Stop / Turn etc.
  • Qi at Liv8 has no more energy to generate fresh start It may help to keep the wisdom (experience) tradition of start(i.e. energy can bring the process at a position from where new process can take off.

Next we ought to know that Liver is the source of generation of a range of all above types of energies. It is a universially accepted fact that in any plane energy must have two components e.g. Vertical and Horizontal. It is therefore very reasonable that all the above types of energies should be available in both vertical and horizontal directions! We know that energy of elements or phases changes in a zig zag way viz 5 element cycle. Wood meridians are in legs, fire meridian in hand the next earth meridian is again in legs,metal meridian in hand etc.
A new born baby starts horizontal activities (comparitively yin) first and later becomes more yang and moves in vertical posture. It actually therefore seems quite reasonable to say that in horizontal Qi pathways energy is yin as compared to that in vertical meridians! When child is not very yang it treads on hands and legs (even animals for that matter moves similarly).
Wood of Horizontal component of yin wood is at Liv1 in leg, Fire of Horizontal yin wood is at H9, Earth of Horizontal yin wood is at SP1, Metal of Horizontal yin wood is at LU11 and Water of Horizontal yin wood is at K1 - all well points! This is thus HORIZONTAL LIVER MERIDIAN. The yin spring points make HORIZONTAL HEART MERIDIAN. The yin Stream points make HORIZONTAL SPLEEN MERIDIAN. So on and so forth!
Similarly the Horizontal yang wood moves from GB44 Metal of yang Horizontal wood to water of yang Horizontal wood at SI1 etc. See all meridians on sub page of BIJI MERIDIANS the 'Shu Points' !

These are new meridians – set of Horizontal and Spiral meridians, named: BIJI MERIDIANS (Biji means Mother of children) that work in case of chronic and tissue level diseases. They obey all laws laid down for traditional Chinese Meridians.

Energy at each element point has two components:- horizontal and vertical and a skilled therapist can use them for the treatment purpose at places away from the vertical TCM meridians. Thus, these meridians (Biji meridians as named by me) can prove very useful in cases where the regular meridians have gone empty / are deficient. For example Diabetic Neuropathy, extreme incontinence of urine, joint pain asking for joint replacement (sis condition), Qi collapse and Qi sinking, patterns ankylosing spondylosis .

Another way of looking at these meridians is:

a) Horizontal meridians are loaded with yin energy

b) Vertical (TCM) meridians are yang dominated and

c) Spiral meridians are the resultant (Qi)

Spiral Meridians can be used for diseases of tissue level e.g. osteoporosis, paralysis, anaemia more: